Exploring the South - Naples, Amalfi, Pompeii

Naples  • 
Time to head to the southern part of the adventure. I pity a bit that I didn't have the opportunity to spend more time here. Not only was it so far the warmest stop, but it has been the most exotic, too. Although it was raining most of the time. However, it has not been this ugly continental rain. I...

Hungover Rome - 24 hours in the capital

Rome  • 
I have been to Rome several time, but never have I ever seen it in such a bad shape. I arrived in the early afternoon of the New Year's Day. The city has been full of trash, broken bottles and cigarette butts. It felt hungover to me. Despite this, I still managed to dash through crowds of tourists a...

New Year in Arezzo, Tuscany

Arezzo  • 
I am not a big fan of New Year's Eve in the streets of busy cities. That's why I planned a stop in Arezzo, to have a calmer celebration of the departure of old and arrival of new - 2017. Did you know it's a prime number? This city is rather small for Italian standards - it has 100,000 inhabitants. B...

In love with Florence

Florence  • 
My first hardly learnt travel lessons for travelling in the off-season - become an early bird. Fight for every minute with natural light. I walked the streets of Florence, but it felt that I am not getting it. Why? Head over to the whole article to find out what I had to do in Florence to enjoy it.

Getting lost in Venice - intentionally

Venice  • 
All the guides that I read about Venice were unisono recommending one thing - get lost. So I did and it felt divine. Do you know why? Because there was literally nobody in the streets of Venice. It is a strange feeling, but you can easily get used to it. Especially when there are no cars around you...